Druze Vets to Participate in 1st European Israel Congress

The Druze Veterans Association of Israel (DVA) is proud to have been invited to send a delegation to the deliberations of the 1st European Israel Congress (https://israelcongress.eu/) which will take place in Frankfurt, Germany on the 1st weekend of November 2019.

TheĀ 1st European Israel Congress will be the first networking and training forum of its kind and will bring together some 200 key players and experts from across Europe and Israel to share best practices and know-how, discuss challenges and opportunities, and help build the future of a joint European strategy for Israel advocacy.

Some of the planned breakout sessions:

-EU policy making / Working with parliamentarians/delegations;

-Working with social media / traditional media;

-Developing new alliances, caucus groups and other friendship bases;

-Young leadership, youth and campus;

-Common challenges: terror funding, the IHRA definition, BDS, legal issues, etc.;

-Grassroots activism;

-Representative organizations (e.g. the national Jewish Boards);

-over the board tools; think tanks / research.

Follow the DVA twitter feed (@druzevets) for more from the ground in Frankfurt!

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