The Israeli-Druze Veterans Association (DVA) was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 2009 in order to address the growing concern over the educational and economic future of the many hundreds of loyal Israelis of the Druze community who serve with devotion, honor, distinction and valor in the varied Israeli security forces.


Druze Veterans Association Founders: Koftan Halabi & Moshe Arens
Druze Veterans Association Founders: Koftan Halabi & Moshe Arens

The goal of the DVA is to vastly expand the access to higher education among the Druze youth in Israel in an effort to allow them to fully integrate into all walks of life in Israeli society; education being a key component and requirement for entrance into the worlds of tomorrow, stable employment and livelihood, social power and civic responsibility.

The DVA provides intensive support for the achievement of these lofty goals for all young Druze soldiers, men and women, as they are released from the IDF and other security establishments with a singular focus: full integration into Israeli society via the root of Israel’s superpower: higher education and technological innovation.

The DVA’s vision is to assist in the creation of a Druze community with productive leadership, founded and steered by the leadership that was formed during the Druze soldiers’ service in the Israeli Defense Forces. We believe that those young leaders should have their place at the greater Israeli table. As contributing members of society, young Druze deserve an opportunity to thrive in business, academia, science and the public sector – and the DVA strives to make that happen.

The Druze Veterans Association (DVA) is fighting for Israel in many diplomatic arenas including the war against BDS by spreading the word around the world how the Druze live and gradually integrate more and more into the Israeli society. The DVA organizes public awareness campaigns all over the world to show that Israel is not what the media wants people to believe but a far better, more beautiful, and civilized society. True testimony from Israeli non-Jewish citizens is a very powerful weapon and the DVA stands ready to use it whenever called upon.

When it comes to Israel, the Druze will stand by its side wherever is needed, whether it is in the army, protecting its borders or abroad fighting BDS and the haters of Israel, TOGETHER we stand, DIVIDED we fall!

The Israeli-Druze Veterans Association (DVA) was blessed to have the late Prof. Moshe Arens as an honorary president and has garnered support from all segments of Israeli civil and political society. Many prominent Israelis have lent their name and pledged their support to the DVA including Israel’s current minister of economic affairs, Mr. Eli Cohen; the Israeli High Tech Executives Association chaired by Mr. Shlomo Gredman; Chezi Chalo, CEO, Bank of Israel; former Israeli finance minister Prof. Shimon Shitrit, former Ambassador and Deputy Minister Michael Oren among many, many others.

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