SpaceIL Co-Founder Kfir Damari Joins DVA Board!

Koftan Halabi (R) Kfir Damari (L)

Koftan Halabi, Founder/CEO of The Druze Veterans Association (DVA) is thrilled to announce that Mr. Kfir Damari, Co-Founder of SpaceIL which sent the lunar lander Beresheet to the moon, has agreed to join the DVA board and Int’l Friends of DVA.

Kfir is one of the most amazing people of the 21st century. He is one of the three “crazy Israeli supermen” who decided that it was time that Israel planted her flag on the moon. Not only did they decide, but they made it happen as the world watched with breathless disbelief and awe.

(Watch a summary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXrAMuq9T9Q

Kfir is an Israeli entrepreneur, engineer, researcher, lecturer, creative, proud geek. Kfir began programming at the age of 6 and wrote wrote his first computer virus at age 11. Kfir served in an elite intelligence unit of the IDF focusing on cyber security, then pursued a B.Sc and M.Sc in communication system engineering from Ben Gurion University. Damari is also the co-founder of Metapacket, a high-end cloud based security service that detects malwares and malicious activity in cooperate networks. Prior to SpaceIL, Kfir led several R&D teams in various companies and held a few teaching positions in Ben Gurion University, Tel Aviv University and the College of Management.

Beresheet - The World's First Privately Funded Lunar Lander - 4th Human Made Aircraft to Land on the Moon!

Beresheet – The World’s First Privately Funded Lunar Lander. Israel is only the 4th nation in the world to land a human made aircraft on the moon!

The privately funded Beresheet Luner Lander (Genesis) took a previously untested 48-day – 4 million mile route to the moon, saving millions of USD in a process that is now being looked at by NASA as a possible alternative to the high cost fuel runs into space.

15 or so seconds before landing and only 489 feet (149 meters) above the moon’s surface, as the entire nation and quite a few classrooms all over the world held their collective breath in anticipation – the little robotic Israeli “lost its footing” and landed hard on the lunar surface rather than the desired soft landing on its legs. Thus Israel became the 7th nation in the world to orbit the moon and the 4th to plant its flag on the lunar surface, falling less than 500 feet short of becoming the 4th nation to achieve a soft, perfect landing.

(See https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2019/04/spaceil-beresheet-first-privately-funded-israeli-spacecraft-crash-lands-on-moon/ for a more detailed report).

Other than the required scientific experiments and a disk highlighting the history of the Jewish people and the Jewish state, little Beresheet carried with her one other piece of precious cargo – a tiny 4.77mm x 4.77mm, 0.01mg Bible – printed on silicon which comes from the dust of the Earth (http://www.nano.bible).

We are looking forward to working closely together with Mr. Damari for the benefit of the Druze Veteran, the Druze Youth and the State of Israel!

To see our growing list of friends please go to: https://druzevets.us//ifdtec/

Beresheet Selfie with just a few hundred meters above the moon's surface.

Beresheet Selfie with just a few hundred meters above the moon’s surface.

Beresheet Selfie with Earth just a short distance from the moon.

Beresheet Selfie with Earth just a short distance from the moon.



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