The Druze Veterans Association

Empowering the Economic Future of Israel's Druze Heroes

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With generous scholarships, career & employment guidance programs & both pre-academic & extra-academic programs, the DTEC is the 1st institution of its kind in the world. It has been developed in close cooperation w/the members of Israel's Chamber of Information Technology, Council for Higher Education, top academic institutions, local municipalities, civil organizations & national leadership


The DTEC is “the” center to belong to for any/all Israeli-Druze veterans, male or female, who strives to enter the world of technological studies & advance their economic future.

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The DTEC employment center is linked directly to the Israeli corporate world & offers specifically designed programs to help its graduates succeed in the vast world of higher technology. Hundreds of successful placements over the past decade prove it can be done!


While Druze men and women will be equally supported & welcome at the DTEC - a dedicated Female Empowerment Center will be dedicated to encouraging the women in the community - be they vereran or spouse - to strive as well for a career in academics and technology.

The 1st Druze High-Tech
Economic Empowerment Center

Strengthening the economic futures

of the fierce and dedicated warriors of the
Israeli-Druze minority

who have given their all
to the Jewish State!


Israel’s military chiefs, ministers, ambassadors, leaders of academia, industry and economics in the public and private industrial sector have all served beside members of this valiant minority and are all in agreement, to a person, that it is time we bind together to thank and reward the Israeli-Druze for their loyalty, dedication and sacrifice. By encouraging and strengthening the economic futures of these fierce and dedicated warriors who have given their all to the state, we will be strengthening the entire 140,000 person Druze-Arab minority who populate significant critical locations throughout Israel’s northern regions and thus the State of Israel itself. Please join us in this important and long overdue endeavor!

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