The DTEC (1st Druze High-Tech Empowerment Center) Logo & URL Unveiled!

Druze Veterans Association Founder & CEO Koftan Halabi proudly unveiled today the web address druzetech.us and logo for The 1st Druze High-Tech Empowerment Center – The DTEC.

“After five years of intensive lobbying and hard work, and with the assistance of friends from Israel and around the world, we are proud to have reached a new plateau in the DTEC development,” said Halabi in the COVID-19 virtual gathering. “We have the recognition we need from the governmental authorities, have finalized our building permits and are ready to begin tele-training for vets and their wives who wish to use the compulsory COVID-19 caused time at home to get ready for a new economic future.”

“We were scheduled to break ground today in the presence of the president of Israel, the speaker of the Knesset, the chairman of Keren Hayesod, the CEO of the US Conference of Presidents, the CEO of the Bank of Israel, many other dignitaries from Israel and around the world and the religious leadership of the Druze community in Israel,” continued Halabi. “The big event will have to wait for a while but COVID-19 with all its damage will not stop us from moving forward.”

“We will take advantage of the time to do tele-training and job placement and prepare our vets and their wives for a better economic future,” he concluded, “as our Jewish friends say often this time of year ‘we survived Pharoah we will survive this too.”

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