Endorsing the Druze Veterans Association & The DTEC

I commend the Druze Veterans Association (DVA) on its important activities. We should all continue to empower the soldiers of the community after their release from the IDF. The efforts of the DVA are significant in promoting the success of the Druze veterans and, by doing so, contribute to the prosperity of the Druze community as an integral part of Israeli society. The key is education. When one is discharged from the army there is a need to provide opportunities in areas that were not obvious in the past such as high tech, sciences, engineering, industries.
Lt. Gen. MK Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon
Former IDF Chief of General Staff, Defense Minister and Vice Prime Minister
The Druze Veterans Association's mission to empower and provide invaluable economic opportunities in the realm of modern technology to IDF veterans of the Druze community is commendable and vitally important. Ensuring a better future for the Druze people and of course, the State of Israel is something we should all strive to support. We are bound together, the Jewish and Druze people as far back as Moshe and Yitro. It is an unshakable bond, invaluable to Israel’s security and Israel society. The DTEC will be the next achievement in a long list the DVA is compiling.
Hon. Ambassador Sam Grundwerg
Chairman, Keren HaYesod
I am proud of how the Druze community contributes to the IDF and to the State’s security forces as soldiers and officers and I salute them for it. The Druze people can reach groundbreaking achievements in any realm, including science and technology. I trust that upon retirement from security services the Druze Vets will help the community realize its dream and potential. I commend Koftan and the other founders of the DVA for taking the necessary steps in this important direction for the betterment of the Israeli Druze community and Israeli society as a whole.
The Late Hon. Shimon Peres
Former President, Defense Minister and Prime Minster of Israel
The Druze Veterans Association act to establish and operate a technological institute for the empowerment of young people from the Druze community is the practical application of the Bank of Israel’s recommendations regarding contribution to the future growth of the economy. Maximizing the potential human capital of the entire population in Israel is the key to increasing long-term productivity and growth in a way that encompasses all of Israel’s citizens. The Druze community’s special contribution to the State of Israel is very significant, and the successful integration of young people from the community in the labor market is a natural step that will benefit not only the community, but also the entire Israeli economy.
Hezi Kalo
CEO, Bank of Israel
Reverence my friends is not enough. Druze men and especially Druze women are greatly underrepresented in the modern professions. There is an urgent need for increases in the number of Druze attending and graduating university and earning advanced degrees. There is a pressing need to integrate young Israeli-Druze into the high-tech sector – Israel’s most dynamic industry. There is a need to invest more in infrastructure and community services in Druze villages and in Druze neighborhoods. I commend Koftan and the Druze Veterans Association for creating the Israeli-Druze Technology and Economic Empowerment Center and encourage all to support it together with me. Let us all make a vow. Let us pledge to make Israel’s covenant with the Druze people stronger, deeper and more meaningful. Let’s make it a covenant not only of blood, but of caring, of dignity, and yes, of love.”
Hon. Ambassador Michael Oren
Former Ambassador to United States, MK & Deputy Minister
The alliance between the Jews and Druze of Israel cannot be summed up by serving together in the security services, in the military, with the sacrifice of our sons. It is and must be an alliance that is first and foremost a covenant of life. I salute the Druze Veterans on 72 years of service to Israel in full equality. The Druze High-Tech Economic Empowerment Center being built by the Israeli-Druze Veterans will further this goal of full integration and opportunity for all. I salute all who are supporting this massive and blessed effort. BeHatzlacha!
Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel
“Our Druze brothers and sisters are part of what makes Israel so awesome. Israel would not be Israel without them. True Israeli heroes through and through. Let’s band together in love! Give @druzevets a follow!” ❤️?? #ישראל #דרוזים #idfvets #idf #druzevets
Diana (aka @geekgrljez)
Twitter Friend – Self Described: ✡ Jew. Girl. Zionist.
By envisioning the Druze High-Tech Economic Empowerment Center (DTEC) the Druze Veterans Association is doing a great service towards closing some of the significant gaps in the Israeli economy. Education is key. Job placement and scholarships. The Druze have the ability to unite all of our communities so they can cease hostilities and cooperate. I thank Koftan for his work and bless him towards great success.
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
CEO, Fellowship of Christians & Jews
As a Christian and as one who has studied the Bible for his entire life I have a great love for the Druze, the children of Jethro who, like me, are not Jewish but stand in defense of Israel, the only democratic state in the Middle East. I call on all - Christian and Jew and all other faiths - to support the development of the Druze High-Tech Economic Empowerment Center because it is the right thing to do. It is high time the Druze who complete their service in Israel's various security services be given the opportunity to be leaders in every industry Israel has to offer, the lab, the hospital, and the high tech board room. From what I have seen - the DTEC will take a significant step in that direction. Please watch my short video below and join me and support this effort!
Pat Boone
American Icon & Pioneering Christian Support of Israel
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