Druze Veterans Welcome Appointment of Rabbi Steven Weil as the next CEO of FIDF

Rabbi Steven Weil (l) & Rabbi Avraham Shmidman (C) greet  then IDF Chief Rabbi BG Rabbi Rafi Peretz (r) at Sderot Falafel stand during Rabbinic Solidarity Visit during the 2014 Gaza flare-up.

Photo Courtesy: OU.ORG

The Druze Veterans are thrilled to learn of the appointment of Rabbi Steven Weil as the next CEO of FIDF РThe Friends of the Israel Defense Forces in the United States and Panama (https://www.fidf.org/). 

Rabbi Weil is known as a HUGE friend of Israel and supporter of its defenders – and of course of its Druze warriors – and a master of his craft.

Koftan Halabi, founder/CEO of the Druze Veterans Association stated that “the FIDF board could not have selected a more suited candidate from among her many friends outside Israel. Rabbi Steven is well known and respected in the Druze community from his many visits in support of the defenders of Israel – in times of war and peace alike. Our officers remember his warm embrace and his smile of care – along with a hand always stretched out in true friendship.”

The DVA looks forward to working closely with Rabbi Steve to help him in any way our veteran can to bring the FIDF to ever greater heights in support of the Israeli soldier – Jew, Christian, Muslim, Adiga (Circassian) and of course – Druze!

“He has always been there for us – now we have an opportunity to be there for him – and we will!” exclaimed Halabi and added:

“The DVA and its board wish to bless our good friend MG Klifi- Amir for his care over the years and the growth in support for the Druze soldier during his six years in the position. We know he will continue to be a strong advocate for our community and our brave warriors who stand at Israel’s defense day and night.”

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