American Music Superstar Calls to Support Druze High-Tech Empowerment Center (DTEC)

Pat Boone, 85, pop music superstar, hall of famer and Billboard Top 10 All-Time recording artist has published a strong video statement calling on his myriad fans to support the Druze Veterans Association High-Tech Empowerment Center – The DTEC.

In his video Mr. Boone, who wrote the Academy Award winning theme song to the hit movie Exodus, acknowledges the sacrifice and loyalty of Israel’s Druze citizens to the state of Israel and presents his conviction that supporting the DTEC is a great way for all friends of Israel to say thank you to this very special and somewhat unknown yet faithful minority.

The legendary pop, R&B and gospel singer who first started out in the 1950s, is officially ranked the second highest selling artist of the 1950s behind only the great Elvis Presley (Elvis was actually the warm-up act for Boone at one point!), and is still immensely popular across the world, even though he’s now in his 80s began. He performed a special concert in honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary just a few years ago.

Growing up in a devout Bible-based religious Christian home, Boone’s love affair with Israel goes back to childhood. Active in US-Israel relations for decades, Boone is responsible for bringing many thousands of Christian supporters of Israel to visit the Jewish State.

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