Israeli-Druze Women
Technology & Economic Empowerment Center (WOTEC)


To educate, connect and empower young Israeli-Druze women through active engagement with information and communication technology via mentoring, training and research.


The DVA´s WOTEC is a unique program envisioned to facilitate the integration of young Israeli-Druze women into the Israeli High-Tech workforce. The WOTEC will including a placement center as well as training opportunities in Hi-Tech, Bio-Med, Cleantech and the Finance Industries.

Interestingly, at this particular point in time (2019), the needs of the Israeli-Druze community and the general Israeli hi-tech industry intertwine. The integration of talented young Israeli-Druze women in hi-tech companies can be an ideal response to the need of the hi-tech world in Israel for well trained, high-quality enthusiastic and energized workers.

But we need to train them!

As is the case with our sisters in the National-Religious Jewish community, Israeli-Druze women have the choice to volunteer for National Service in lieu of serving in the military and the vast majority of our women choose this option in hope that it will advance their ability to find a career (87% of our men serve in the army, the rest in national service as in the Jewish community).

Based on the premise that sustainable professional employment in Israel’s High-Tech work force is a key to the integration and social mobility of the young generation of the Israeli-Druze community, the WOTEC vision is to serve as a springboard for young Israeli-Druze women to gain the knowledge and skills to pursue promising and sustainable careers in fields in high demand in Israel’s high-tech industries.

Please join us in making this dream a reality!

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Faten Nasraldin of Dalyat al-Carmel First Female Israeli-Druze Police Officer to Graduate Israel's Police Force Academy

Faten Nasraldin of Dalyat al-Carmel
First Female Israeli-Druze Police Officer
to Graduate Israel’s Police Force Academy